Many years ago, in a land far away, I had a coworker who I had beef with. She gave me a rough time, and I certainly didn’t spare her from my snappy attitude. If I ever got the chance to reject her application for a job, I’d probably do it. There aren’t many people I don’t forgive, but she is the exception.

In this story, a nurse manager who we’ll call OP uploaded a post describing how she got back at a former coworker who had gotten her in trouble back in the day. They had been working at a hospital together, and this coworker who we’ll call Bianca had run to the manager and told them that OP wasn’t helping them. Even though the reality was that Bianca was pretty lazy.

So, when OP got the chance to reject her application, she did it happily. But that isn’t all… Scroll down to read more. And more importantly, scroll down to read how it all ended. Next, check out these top most entertaining LinkedIn posts where people show what being awkward online looks like.

Eleonora Bader

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