While you’re choosing your home, maybe you should consider the nature around you. That seems like pretty obvious advice, no? Well, if you’re wealthy, anything is possible. For the right price, you can have your dream house with everything you desire, even if it’s ridiculously inconvenient to make that happen. 

This person had a wealthy neighbor who felt that way. This guy had a humongous budget of $12 million to spend on his property renovation. That’s a staggering amount of money for most people. Just think of the possibilities! You could install a moat-style swimming pool around your whole property with that money. You could build yourself a tiny amusement park in your backyard. Or you could do something more conventional and just build a fire pit and a hot tub. Basically, I’m saying this person didn’t have enough imagination about how to spend their vast wealth (for some reason, rich people never seem to be very creative about their spending habits). Instead, they’re content to make nature bend to their will. 

Read all about this big project that was doomed from the start. Then, check out another story about neighbors: these folks can’t agree on how to get rid of the snow during their very snowy winter seasons. 


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