Some people enjoy rules, while others like to break them. This post is specifically about the latter who took to Reddit to share which rules they break, and why.

If I had to place myself in one of the two categories, I’d probably say I’m somewhere in the middle. Back when I was in high school, I was a rebel, but as time went on and I (cough) matured, I became a little less hot-headed and conformed more to societal rules. Sometimes this would work out in my favor, while other times, I wish I really hadn’t listened to authority.

But with the way life ebbs and flows, I assume I’ll be making a lot more mistakes, some of which I look forward to. How else are we gonna learn? Scroll down for the funniest, most entertaining answers people gave when posed with the question, ‘What’s a common rule that you break regularly because you fundamentally disagree with it?’. Next, check out the most entertaining LinkedIn posts of the week by people who are a little too in love with their job.

Eleonora Bader

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