An entitled customer, who the OP claims was a total Kevin, got instant karma when he tried to make the innocent retail employees’ lives miserable over a return. In the following story, ‘Kevin’ would not accept the store’s policy of in-store credit refund for his item. So, he decided to cause a scene for the poor employees on shift who don’t even have a say in the store’s policy. So, whether Kevin blew up or not, there wasn’t anything they could do about it.

During Kevin’s manic episode, another good Samaritan customer asked to speak with one of the employees enduring Kevin’s wrath and quietly pulled him away. To the employee’s surprise, the customer revealed that they had just witnessed Kevin slipping Pokémon cards into his pocket to steal. Not only did this have some harsh consequences for Kevin, but the Pokémon cards (that he probably hoped were worth something) actually only cost a single penny. 

And after you read this story, check out this one about another entitled customer who publicly threw a fit claiming she called dibs on an item. 

Isabella Penn

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