No one is more sarcastic than a determined teenager. It’s like they have a special knack for it. And since their teachers spend hours with them each week, they’re bound to be on the receiving end of that sarcastic sense of humor now and again. 

Having to do any kind of exercise when it’s cold outside makes it feel like an Olympic event. Running is all well and good, but combined with a chilly day? That’s just asking to get a sore throat. Even so, a lot of teachers don’t care—they’ll gladly take their students outdoors in freezing weather. As dads everywhere love to explain, you just have to put on a few layers! This coach advised that his students "put on something warm" if they were feeling cold, and they happily (and sarcastically) did exactly as he asked. 

The students also protested their teacher’s demands because they already had a warm space they could’ve been running around in. They asked their coach if they could just stay indoors in their gymnasium, where they had the equipment to play sports as well as run laps. But still, it was a no from this persistent coach. 

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