I remember the first time I wore a pair of ASICS’ METASPEED super shoes. It was a few years ago now at a local 5k race, but I ended up with an almost ninety-second PB, which is a lot in the world of running.

The reason for my PB wasn’t because I was fit, because I wasn’t, it was entirely down to the fact that I had ASICS’ METASPEED sneakers super-charging my every step.

The reason I mention this isn’t to flex that I once ran a 5k (feel free to email me, though), but because ASICS is finally releasing a follow-up to the hallowed METASPEED I wore that night, with an aptly-titled Olympics-inspired sneaker pack: the METASPEED Paris.

The latest ASICS METASPEED release is split into two silhouettes: the METASPEED SKY PARIS and the METASPEED EDGE PARIS, both of which combine ASICS’ advanced technologies like the FF BLAST TURBO PLUS midsole foam that houses the carbon plate.

Both METASPEED sneakers, which are landing some four-months before this year’s Paris Olympics, have been improved in three key aspects from their predecessors.

Firstly, both shoes have been lightened by approximately 22g, which instantly makes you feel faster.

Then there’s the widening of the full-length carbon plate, which has also been moved to create a bigger propulsion with every step, which in layman’s terms makes you move faster for longer.

ASICS’ METASPEED pack, which is set to release at ASICS on March 4, is an undeniable step up from its OG. Which, by the letter of the running law, means that I must get my feet into a pair and take a spin at another 5k event immediately. They’re the rules.

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