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In an engaging interview with Marija Labovic, the President of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, we delve into the multifaceted tourism offerings of Serbia, a destination boasting a year-round appeal for international travelers. Marija highlights that Serbia has evolved into a full-fledged tourism destination, attracting visitors throughout the year with its diverse tourism products. The capital, Belgrade, emerges as a favorite, hosting over 17% of international overnight stays. Beyond its urban allure, Serbia entices visitors with its city break destinations such as Novi Sad and Subotica, alongside its natural retreats in mountain resorts and spas, which are particularly popular among Greek tourists.

The discussion reveals a steady increase in Greek visitors, drawn not only to Belgrade but also to Serbia’s mountainous and spa destinations, underscoring the quality of wellness services offered. Marija outlines the visitor demographics, noting a significant influx from countries like Russia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, and Germany, among others. She emphasizes the growing interest from distant markets, including the United States, reflecting Serbia’s expanding international appeal.

Looking ahead, Marija discusses the strategic marketing plans leading up to 2025, with a keen focus on preparing for Expo 2027, set to be hosted in Belgrade. This preparation involves dual promotional activities aimed at future exhibitors and tourists. The marketing strategy encompasses a mix of digital and traditional channels, including participation in B2B fairs and organizing events in key source markets. A crucial part of these efforts involves hosting influencers, media representatives, and tour operators in Serbia, providing them firsthand experiences of the country’s attractions. This strategy is designed to showcase Serbia’s beauty and tourism potential, encouraging even more travelers, particularly from Greece, to explore what Serbia has to offer.

This dialogue with Marija Labovitz offers profound insights into Serbia’s tourism dynamics, strategic marketing efforts, and the country’s readiness to welcome a global audience, especially in the lead-up to Expo 2027.

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