Let Harrison Ford Inadvertently Show You How To Wear Workwear

Before you read this, I want you to take a moment. This is not me telling you that Harrison Ford is your new workwear muse, nor is it me pretending that the actor knows his arse from his elbow when it comes to fashion, it’s merely me celebrating someone finally wearing workwear for its intended purpose: working.

No kidding, Harrison Ford is a real OG. Not only is he one of the most famous Hollywood actor of all time, he’s also the actual Indianna Jones, and while he isn’t your new fashion icon, the 81-year-old does know how to dress his workwear — albeit inadvertently. 

Let Harrison Ford's workwear ensemble be a lesson.

Ford, alongside a glittering acting career, is known for his carpentry escapades and was recently spotted at a local hardwood supplies store in Santa Monica, California.

As is the way with actual workmen (as in, people who don’t write about nice clothes for a fashion magazine), Ford was sporting traditional construction attire and looking every bit of the skilled craftsman he apparently is.

The actor’s workwear ensemble is workwear worn as workwear was intended to be worn. It’s workwear for work, not workwear for, er, clout.

For instance, Ford’s apron didn’t arrive pre-dirtied, it’s gotten dirty over time. And those knee pads?! Don’t even get me started. It’s all authentic workwear, baby!

Another way to tell the difference between a real worker and a fashion workwear wearer (an example of which can be seen in the IG above) is what’s in the pocket of said apron. The latter would likely house an e-cigarette or a Monzo card perhaps, the former, which is Ford in this case, houses pens to presumably something up or just hold and point with, like a real tradesman.

Sure, Ford could probably do with switching up the sneakers for a pair of Timberlands or even some steel-toed numbers, but the rest of the look is an accidental workwear masterpiece.

Of course, Ford is simply dressing for the job in hand. Exactly what that job that is is neither here nor there. What is clear, though, is that Harrison Ford is doing workwear properly. Thing is, he just doesn’t know it.

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