Champion Presents: Aretha Brown Wants You To Kiss Her Art

Location: Australia

Hailing from Melbourne, Aretha Brown is harnessing her artistic talents to provide a platform for marginalized and disenfranchised Indigenous Australian communities to be seen and heard. A cultural disruptor since she was a teen, Aretha empowers those in her community through her bold artistic endeavors.

Her paintings are deeply influenced by her own identity as a “queer, Blak, young person living in the confinements of an urban colony;” direct and bold like the creator herself, the works are punctuated by her signature bold patterns and monochromatic color palette.

The efforts of Aretha’s activism take shape in the “Kiss My Art collective,” a diverse group of young female and non-binary artists who seek to create space for themselves. Staking their claim to public forums through street art, painting, and mixed media, the collective has commissioned over 53 murals and public artworks in Australia, Great Britain, India, and Indonesia.


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