In case you haven’t noticed, the Internet has a thing for Josh O’Connor. Since starring in Challengers as the charmingly scummy (and very handsome) Patrick Zweig, the British actor has become one of Hollywood’s most talked-about stars — and not just for his acting chops.

Turns out, O’Connor has really great style. Online, netizens are going wild over the star’s unassuming wardrobe, one that matches his equally unassuming public persona.

O’Connor isn’t one to step out the latest off-the-runway look — he’s not looking to garner headlines, something he made perfectly clear in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. When asked about the possibility of Challengers catapulting him to new levels of fame, the actor responded: "Now that’s a dreadful thought."

Fittingly, O’Connor’s style is just as low-key as his personality. In the lead-up to the , he was photographed arriving at The Carlyle hotel — an occasion some take as an opportunity to dress up — in a work jacket, white tee, and jeans. Post-Gala, he was spotted in the same jacket, which he had also worn to aChallengers screening in April. (Rewearing clothes — celebrities, they’re just like us!)

And last week, Twitter collectively freaked out over a photo of O’Connor posing next to posters for Challengers and La Chimera, Alice Rohrwacher’s 2023 comedy-drama in which he plays a British archaeologist.

O’Connor’s outfit — a colorful, striped polo shirt and blue jeans — looked straight out of a children’s clothing catalogue. "He looks like his mom forced him to take the picture," one onlooker correctly noted.

Even when O’Connor does pull the designer card and dress up for a red carpet appearance, he tends to look hilariously out of place. At the Los Angeles , he wore a LOEWE suit with exaggeratedly long sleeves — a detail intended to look avant-garde that, as one viral tweet put it, made O’Connor resemble a "very kindhearted mouse who got turned into a prince."

As for his appearance at the Met Gala? O’Connor just looked happy to be there, custom LOEWE and all.

Keep doing you, king!

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