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An image of a charger resembling a GameBoy SP on a stack of books.
That’s a nice looking charger. | Image by Elago

MagSafe isn’t a particularly controversial standard, but I’ve heard people grumble about it. They get upset because it doesn’t charge quite as efficiently as an old-fashioned cable and they get annoyed that any phone case needs to be MagSafe-compatible. But could charging by cable provide you with something as stupidly fun as this new phone stand from Elago?

The Elago MagSafe MS W5 Charging Stand is a mouthful of a name for what’s just a Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP shaped MagSafe stand. Do the buttons and switches work? No! Does it fold close? Absolutely not! It’s merely a piece of plastic you slot a MagSafe charger into. It’s so simple you could probably 3D print something similar at home.

An image of a charger with a phone on it. The charger resembles a GameBoy Advance SP.
Image by Elago
Don’t those buttons look so pressable.

But this thing does look well made and now I really want a combination game controller and MagSafe charger shaped like this. Imagine how much better Delta would be with a cool controller with nice clicky buttons?

This hunk of plastic is at least cheaper than my new dream controller. You can get it on Amazon for $25.99. The charger is, rudely, not included, but theoretically this should work with both the pictured iPhone and new Qi2 Android devices.

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