New Balance’s 1906 loafer — part 1906 sneaker, part penny loafer shoe — has yet to hit shelves, and it’s lineup is already stacked with some a pretty dapper colorways and constructions. And the buildup to the 2024 launch is only getting better (and extra smooth).

Fresh off the reveals of other meshy iterations, the New Balance 1906L has emerged with a lush build that makes the New Balance newcomer look more dapper than ever.

Indulge thine senses in the New Balance’s loafer, boasting fresh and luxurious suede uppers. The sleek build is then topped in a rich brown hue, giving the sneaker-loafer a more luxurious feel.

The suave makeover truly hones in the model’s dress shoe sensibilities, but the 1906’s techy-ness still lives on. Shiny plastic-like details take over the heel of the 1906L, while the shoe also preserves its semi-thick rugged sole painted in black.

Classic New Balance badges finally top the soft-looking upper, rounding out the shoe with signature New Balance sign-offs showcased on previous loafers.

In case you missed it, Junya Watanabe blessed us with first tastes of the New Balance 1906 loafer, originally believed to be an exclusive collaborative model between the two names.

A few months passed, and another New Balance 1906 loafer surfaced, dressed in bright neon green and free of any collaborator’s name. It was purely New Balance branding and technical dress shoe vibes — and a confirmation that the loafer will indeed see a general release rollout.

As we approach the fall season (the shoe’s expected launch), new sightings of the New Balance 1906L keep pouring in — both shiny and smooth takes included — building on the hype for the sneaker-loafer that’s steadily growing among both sneakerheads and members of the post-sneaker society.

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