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February 10, 2021

These Bandanas Prove It’s Still the Most Versatile Accessory Around

The bandana stands as one of the most symbolic pieces of clothing in the modern day, adopted in different forms by gangs, farmworkers, and subcultural communities the world over. The simple piece of cloth dates back even to Roman times but has seen countless redesigns, appropriations, and evolutions since its humble beginnings as, well, a handkerchief. Thanks to its unchanging versatility, the bandana or kerchief remains a central part of accessorizing, with brands of all kinds trying their hand at updating the design.

While some look to traditional paisley-derived prints, others look to completely alter the visual characteristic of bandanas to put their own spin on the accessory. Whatever the outcome, one thing remains abundantly obvious: bandanas are going nowhere fast. From luxury editions by the likes of 1017 ALYX 9SM to exercise-ready numbers from Satisfy, these selections prove that the power and significance of the bandana are still undeniable in the realms of streetwear and luxury fashion.

Paris-based running expert Satisfy offers up this Polartec take on the bandana, exemplifying the versatility of the piece. Whether you’re protecting from dust (or viral particles) or keeping warm during exercise, the bandana is a go-to.

With the traditional paisley prints in mind, Needles weaves in its signature butterfly logo to the border of this bandana. Cut from pure silk, this piece definitely errs on the luxurious side of the bandana equation.

With one of the most classic reproductions in today’s roundup, NOAH splices together three bandana strips to make one multicolored reproduction.

While most bandanas are made from cotton, with a select few opting for luxurious silk, the leather bandana is near enough unheard of. Cue Matthew Williams’ wild west-brimming iteration complete with metal buckle to the reverse and embossed silver logo.

Phipps has brought a refreshing outdoorsy angle to the world of luxury lately and this bandana continues the nature-loving vibe with a dark-green backdrop and woodland-inspired markings.

If you’re here for a safe-bet winner then look no further than this no-nonsense number. Traditional markings in white stand out from the navy blue backdrop to give your fits a strong visual punch.

In cut-and-sew style, this silk-look bandana features a number of classic bandana paisleys to draw attention. Upgrade black fits with this tied to a belt loop or even peeking out of a pocket.

Intricate paisley details the peripheries of Chinatown Market’s Smiley Bandana, and if you thought you’d get away without a massive smiley face then you thought wrong. The label’s signature smiley takes center stage here.

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