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January 29, 2021

Arms trafficking Ex-LTTE Cadres & Underworld criminals remanded

Colombo (News 1st); 15 suspects, including Ex-LTTE cadres and underworld criminals charged with transporting and selling weapons, were remanded to the 12th of February by Colombo Chief Magistrate Mohamed Mihail on Friday (29).

A case was filed with the court stating Ex-LTTE cadres were supplying weapons and ammunition which have been unearthed from the North and East, to underworld gangs in Colombo and its suburbs.

These weapons and ammunition include Claymore Mines, Live Hand Grenades, and T-56 Assault Rifles.

The Criminal Investigations Department told the court, A Senior State Counsel representing the Attorney General’s Department will appear in the court on the 25th of February in order to inform the court regarding the legal steps that will be taken against the suspects.

Detective uncovered details of this illegal operation following the interrogation of an Ex-LTTE cadre who was arrested for firearms possession in Wattala.

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